Theresa Taylor is a contemporary visual artist based in the north west of England, where she works out of her studio alongside being a long standing member of Art Lab Contemporary Print Studios, University of Central Lancashire, UK. Her exhibition profile includes national and international venues.

Her practice rests on the experience of being alive in its various dimensions. This includes a consideration of both space and the passing and incessant flux of time.

She looks at the organic ceaseless change of matter and the notion that nothing is destroyed or created but is transformed from one state to another, in a continuous state of flux and regeneration/degradation, creating layers of memory, imprint and scarification, like the landscape.

In trying to suspend expectation, and responding to the processes and the materials she nudges her work from one position to another. Seeing her work as a kind of excavation, she is discovering what is there. .

Although primarily led by process she also uses the physicality of the medium and her work suggests a marked human presence - 'the invisabilia of our inner lives'., referencing her lengthy training and experience as a psychotherapist and formally as an art therapist, both in the NHS and in private practice.

She investigates internal/external psychologically imbued spaces, appropriates and abstracts information from the natural world, creating atmospheric imagery that hovers mutably at the intersection of the conscious/unconscious - at the 'twilight' of experience.

Since leaving her clinical practice in 2012 she has been able to be a full-time artist..