Theresa Taylor is a contemporary artist based in the north of England, where she works out of her studio and as a member of Art Lab Contemporary Print Studios, University of Central Lancashire. Her exhibition profile includes national and international venues.

Although her work has a cluster of influences she approaches it primarily as a cyclic relationship ; the process informing the content and the content informing the process.

She looks at the organic ceaseless change of matter and the notion that nothing is destroyed or created but is transformed from one state to another. She sees this as a continuous state of flux and regeneration/degradation, creating layers of memory, imprint and scarification, like the landscape. Much of her work has an 'aged and archival ' quality, as if it has had a life of experiences-the scarification of time passing.

In trying to suspend expectation, she nudges her work from one position to another, seeing the creative process as a kind of excavation and gradual revealing.

The development of work arrives from an accumulation and assimilation of information. This is a combination of research, subjective experience, memory and underlying psychoanalytic theory. The residue is translated and emerges via the materials and processes she employs.

Although abstract, her work suggests a marked human presence - 'the invisabilia of our inner lives'., referencing her lengthy training and experience as a psychotherapist and formally as an art therapist, both in the NHS and in private practice.

There is a suggestion of an inner world and an appropriation of information from the external natural world. This creates atmospheric imagery that hovers mutably at the intersection of the conscious/unconscious.

Theresa Taylor has been an artist since 1978, when she graduated in Fine Art and she has been a full-time artist since she closed her clinical practice in 2012, completing her Masters in Fine Art in 2015.